Desktop web Vs Mobile Web

Mobile Web has been become a need for website and Developments . In today’s fastest proceed generation every one using smart phones and tablets. Where one side desktop compatible web make a great impact on visitor, their another side Mobile web is necessary to increase a wide range of visitor on the website. But in every situation the most important point is the responsive website for every and each electronic device (Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, tablets etc.). There are certain points to improve web quality in Desktop Web Vs Mobile Web.

Web Designing: There are number of programming languages using in web development and mobile development however the responsive design is depend on Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Image Designing. Every month number of HTML and CSS versions updating, that’s why various kind of new CSS properties introducing in languages which are not supportable by many old or new browsers. So the most important remembering point for developer is updating of CSS code for designing as per required browser. Some time website does not work for all kind of web browser or not compatible for mobile screen. In this situation developer need to concentrate on CSS mobile compatible new CSS properties and Html Code.

Image and Logo Design: The Most Important software used in image designing is Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Flash maker etc. The best way to improve web quality is using high quality images and layouts in the website, however some time developer hardware does not have a proper configuration in their desktop such as graphic cards, high quality ram, best graphics feature that’s why image quality impact so much and make it dull. Developer should use GIF and PNG image compare than JPEG or JPG images, Because GIF and PNG images uses less memory and space on the server and enhance web processing speed on the server compare than JPEG images. Apart from that Banner and Logo must be compatible and responsible for both mobile screen and desktop screen. In case of Logo or other PNG image a developer has many option in CSS, He case use two different logo or banner for same web page with the help of CSS properties.

Search Engine Optimization( SEO ) or Web Promotion: Search engine optimization is tasks that create links for your web in different search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.) and make your website visible to number of visitors. This is a need for both Desktop Website and Mobile Webs to make your brand or product famous in all over the world. SEO is a modification in Meta tags, content and Images to make a website much effective in both tangible and intangible. Tangible effect include visible activities like Improvement in Visitors, web maintenance, designing, resolution etc while intangible effect include website ranking, processing speed, keyword search, link increment etc.

Desktop web Vs Mobile Web

Mobile Web has been become a need for website and Developments .Read Full Article

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Desktop web Vs Mobile Web

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